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Recent publications

Oct 19 2018

Chem. Commun. [BCB/POMAM]

Summary : Peptides and proteins with N-terminal amino acid sequences NH2-Xxx-Zzz-His (XZH) form well established high affinity CuII-complexes. Key example is Asp-Ala-His in serum albumin, a Cu-transporter in the blood. This opens a straightforward way to add a high affinity CuII-binding site to almost any peptide or protein, by chemical or recombinant approaches. These motif has been used to...[more]

Oct 15 2018

Catalysis Communication [SOCAT]

Abstract : Two chiral diphosphites, (S,S)-5,17-bis(1,1′-binaphthyl-2,2′-dioxyphosphanyloxy)-25,26,27,28-tetrapropyloxycalix[4]arene (1) and (S,S)-5,11-bis(1,1′-binaphthyl-2,2′-dioxyphosphanyloxy)-4(24),6(10),12(16),18(22)-tetramethylenedioxy-2,8,14,20-tetrapentylresorcin[4]arene (2), each based on a conical cavity, were synthesised and assessed in the rhodium-catalysed hydroformylation of vinyl...[more]

Oct 11 2018

Structure [IFM]

Abstract : Glycine receptors (GlyR) are pentameric ligand-gated ion channels (pLGIC) that mediate fast inhibitory neurotransmission in the spinal cord and brain stem by switching between discrete conformational states in response to neurotransmitter binding. GlyR dysfunction is linked to several disorders in human including temporal lobe epilepsy, hyperekplexia, and chronic inflammatory pain....[more]

Oct 2 2018

European Journal of Organic Chemistry [SOCAT]

Abstract : The bistramides family has shown antitumoral activity. More specifically bistramide K (see figure) exhibits lower toxicity than its congeners. In this work, we describe a highly stereoselective and convergent synthesis of two building blocks of the marine metabolite bistramide K. Thus, we report the synthesis of fragments C1–C18 (89) and C19–C40 (81) of bistramide K. As a challenge,...[more]

Sep 28 2018

Chem. Commun. [LSAMM]

Abstract : A dicationic tweezer incorporating two acridinium moieties linked by a 2,6-diphenylpyridine spacer was shown to self-assemble in an entwined dimer both in acetonitrile and water. The reaction was studied according to solvent polarity, temperature and concentration conditions. The entwined structure was confirmed in the solid state via single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Reference :...[more]

Sep 27 2018

Cover - Chemistry : A European Journal [POMAM]

Abstract : Single‐crystal EPR experiments show that the highly symmetric antiferromagnetic half‐integer spin triangle [Fe3O(O2CPh)6(py)3]ClO4⋅py (1, py=pyridine) possesses a ST=1/2 ground state exhibiting high g‐anisotropy due to antisymmetric exchange (Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya) interactions. EPR experiments under static electric fields parallel to the triangle's plane (i.e., perpendicular to the...[more]

Sep 20 2018

J. Phys. Chem. Lett. [LCQ]

Abstract : Whereas third row transition metal carbonyl α-diimine complexes display luminescent properties and possess low-lying triplet metal-to-ligand charge transfer (MLCT) states efficiently accessible by a spin–vibronic mechanism, first row analogues hold low-lying metal-centered (MC) excited states that could quench these properties. Upon visible irradiation, different functions are...[more]