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Recent publications

Mar 1 2019


Abstract : Natural, non-natural and ent-14β-hydroxyandrostane derivatives closely related to the cardenolide and bufadienolide skeletons were readily available through highly diastereo-/enantioselective Diels–Alder reactions calling for high pressure or Lewis acid activation. Moreover, in the presence of (R)- or (S)-carvone as chiral dienophile, the Diels–Alder reaction took place under...[more]

Jan 24 2019

Organic Letters [CLAC, POMAM, LEPCS, LCQ]

Abstract : Functionalization of a methylviologen with four methyl ester substituents significantly facilitates the first two reduction steps. The easily generated radical cation shows markedly improved air stability compared to the parent methylviologen, making this derivative of interest in organic electronic applications. Graphical Abstract : Reference : Mathilde Berville, Jimmy Richard,...[more]

Jan 10 2019

Chemistry : A European Journal [LSAMM]

Abstract : The allosteric control of the receptor properties of two flexible covalent cages is reported. These receptors consist of two zinc(II) porphyrins connected by four linkers of two different sizes, each incorporating two 1,2,3-triazolyl ligands. Silver(I) ions act as effectors, responsible for an on/off encapsulation mechanism of neutral guest molecules. Binding silver(I) ions to the...[more]

Dec 21 2018

Nature Research/Scientific Reports/open access [CBAT]

Abstract : As multidrug resistant pathogenic microorganisms are a serious health menace, it is crucial to continuously develop novel medicines in order to overcome the emerging resistance. The methylerythritol phosphate pathway (MEP) is an ideal target for antimicrobial development as it is absent in humans but present in most bacteria and in the parasite Plasmodium falciparum. Here, we report...[more]

Dec 20 2018

Organic Chemistry Frontiers [SOPhy]

Abstract : Spirocyclization of keto-ynamides with quaternary ammonium salts was performed to access aza-spiro compounds. Exclusive E-configured 5-exo-dig compounds were isolated from keto-ynamides substituted by an aryl- or a vinyl group, whereas 6-endo-dig compounds were favored from terminal ynamides. Reference : Frédéric Beltran, Lucile Andna and Laurence Miesch Spirocyclization of...[more]

Dec 6 2018

Chemistry : A European Journal [ECMC, SOCAT, LCSOM]

Abstract : A new way of introducing a N-heterocyclic carbene cap onto cyclodextrins has been devised. The benzimidazolium intermediates were found to behave as receptors towards cavity matching anions. The corresponding C1- and C2-symmetrical regioisomeric carbene gold(I) complexes have been tested in a benchmark asymmetric cycloisomerization of 1,6-enynes. Up to 50% ee was achieved for the...[more]

Nov 15 2018

Chem. Commun. [BCB]

Summary : Copper and zinc trafficking in and around cells, mainly between proteins, is a very fundamental and essential process in most living organisms and impairment of such trafficking can be lethal, like well documented in the genetic Cu-overload Wilson  diseases. Moreover, the metabolism of these essential metal ions Cu and Zn are connected (e.g. Wilsons disease can be treated by Zn...[more]