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Recent publications

May 26 2020

Chemistry Eur. J. [IFM]

Summary : Nitro compounds are known to change reaction rates and kinetic concentration dependence of Brønsted‐acid‐catalyzed reactions. Yet, no mechanistic model exists to account for these observations. Herein we present an atomistic model for the catalytically active form for an alcohol dehydroazidation reaction, generated by DFT calculations. which consists of an H‐bonded aggregate of two...[more]

May 14 2020

Bioinformatics [IFM]

Summary : Glycine receptors (GlyR) mediate fast inhibitory neurotransmission in the brain and have been recognized as key pharmacological targets for pain. We have collected 218 unique chemical entities with documented modulatory activities at the GlyR and built a database named GRALL. This collection includes agonists, antagonists, positive and negative allosteric modulators and a number of...[more]

May 12 2020

Chemistry Eur. J. [POMAM / LCQ]

Abstract : Previously reported ferromagnetic triangles (NnBu4)2[Cu3(μ‐Cl)2(μ‐4‐NO2‐pz)3Cl3] (1), (PPN)2[Cu3(μ‐Cl)2(μ‐pz)3Cl3](2), (bmim)2[Cu3(μ‐Cl)2(μ‐pz)3Cl3] (3) and newly reported (PPh4)2[Cu3(μ‐Cl)2(μ‐4‐Ph‐pz)3Cl3] (4) were studied by magnetometry, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) spectroscopy and ab initio calculations to assess the origins of their ferromagnetism and of the magnetic...[more]

Apr 8 2020

Organic Geochemistry [Biogéohimie Moléculaire]

Abstract : Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (anammox) is a major process of bioavailable nitrogen removal frommarine systems. Previously, a bacteriohopanetetrol (BHT) isomer, with unknown stereochemistry, elut-ing later than BHT when examined by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), was detectedin ‘Ca.Scalindua profunda’ and proposed as a biomarker for anammox in marine...[more]

Apr 3 2020

ChemCatChem [LASYROC]

Abstract : The copper(I)‐exchanged zeolite CuI‐USY proved to efficiently catalyze the direct azidation of arylboronic acids with sodium azide under simple and practical conditions, namely at room temperature under air with methanol as solvent and without any additive. This easy‐to‐prepare and cheap catalytic material has been demonstrated to be recyclable and the mild azidation conditions...[more]

Apr 2 2020

Front. Microbiol. [Biogéohimie Moléculaire]

Abstract : Bacteria and Eukarya organize their plasma membrane spatially into domains of distinct functions. Due to the uniqueness of their lipids, membrane functionalization in Archaea remains a debated area. A novel membrane ultrastructure predicts that monolayer and bilayer domains would be laterally segregated in the hyperthermophilic archaeon Thermococcus barophilus. With very different...[more]

Mar 31 2020

Chem. Comm. [BCB]

Abstract : The measurement of exchangeable Cu2+ levels in biological samples is gaining interest in the context of copper-related pathologies. Here, we report a Tb3+ luminescent turn-off sensor for Cu2+ based on the specific and suitable-affinity Xxx-Zzz-His (ATCUN) peptide motif, enabling Cu2+ detection in the presence of a biological fluorescent background. Graphical...[more]