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Recent publications

Nov 8 2019


Abstract: A unique, covalently constructed capsular catalyst obtained by reaction of [Ni(η5‐C5H5)(1,5‐cyclooctadiene)] BF4 with the double‐calixarene‐derived diphosphine 1,3‐bis(5‐diphenylphosphino‐25,26,27,28‐tetrapropoxycalix[4]aren‐17‐yl)benzene (1) has been shown to polymerise butadiene at a rate considerably superior to that of previously known catalysts. The reported results indicate that...[more]

Nov 4 2019

ChemRxiv [OMECA]

Abstract: Metalloenzymes use earth-­abundant non-­noble metals to perform high‐fidelity transformations in the biological world. To ensure chemical efficiency, metalloenzymes have acquired evolutionary reactivity­‐enhancing tools. Among these, the entatic state model states that a strong steric entatic state, strongly improving the reactivity. However, while the original definition refers both...[more]

Nov 4 2019

ChemCatChem [OMECA]

Abstract: Metalloenzymes are nature's own catalysts and offer as such endless inspirational source for the chemists seeking selectivity in transformations. Metalloenzymes involved in oxidoreduction processes have specific subunits dedicated to electron and proton transfer, and these so‐called redox cofactors perform highly orchestrated redox events. This minireview offers a perspective on the...[more]

Oct 28 2019

Plant Cell [SOPhy/RMN]

Abstract Flowers are essential but vulnerable plant organs, exposed to pollinators and florivores, yet surprisingly, flower chemical defenses were rarely investigated. We show here that two clustered terpene synthase and cytochrome P450 encoding genes (TPS11 and CYP706A3) on chromosome 5 of Arabidopsis thaliana are tightly co-expressed in floral tissues, upon anthesis and during floral bud...[more]

Oct 8 2019

EurJOC [SOPhy]

Abstract : Micellar solutions of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB) surfactant allow the spirocyclization of keto‐ynamides in an aqueous medium without recourse to transition‐metal catalysis, enabling access in water to naturally‐occurring aza‐spiro compounds with potential in drug discovery. The reaction was monitored by dynamic light scattering (DLS) and cryogenic transmission electron...[more]

Sep 26 2019

Dalton Transactions [BCB]

Abstract : Reversible turn-on fluorescent sensors of Cu(II) are of high interest for biological studies. We re-investigate a reported sensor, showing that turn-on occurs via irreversible Cu(II)-induced sensor oxidation only in the presence of acetonitrile. This prevents its application in biological studies and highlights the challenge of establishing a reversible Cu(II) turn-on...[more]

Sep 17 2019

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. [LCSOM]

Abstract : The CMD/AMLA mechanisms of cyclopalladation and the parent fictitious but challenging cyclonickelation of N,N-dimethylbenzylamine have been investigated by joint DFT-D and DLPNO-CCSD(T) methods assisted by QTAIM-based noncovalent interaction plots (NCI plots) and interacting quantum atoms (IQA) analyses, and the local energy decomposition (LED) procedure. Bader charges, NCI plots, IQA...[more]