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Jul 13 2018

Summary :

Magnetic dipole interactions are extensively used in NMR and EPR spectroscopies to probe interatomic distances between paramagnetic centers when crystal structures are not readily available. However, this usually concerns spin carriers whose spin density is fully localised, such magnetic nuclei, transition-metal ions and organic radicals. In this work we show that it is possible to extend this approach to exchange-coupled metal clusters, such as antiferromagnetic spin triangles.


Reference :

Logesh Mathivathanan, Athanassios K. Boudalis, Philippe Turek, Michael Pissas, Yiannis Sanakis and Raphael G. Raptis

Interactions between H-bonded [CuII33-OH)] triangles; a combined magnetic susceptibility and EPR study

Phys.Chem.Chem.Phys., 2018, 20,17234, DOI: 10.1039/c8cp02643b

Contact chercheur :

Athanassios K. Boudalis, POMAM (Propriétés Optiques et Magnétiques des Architectures Moléculaires), Institut de chimie (UMR 7177).
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