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Nature Communications

May 30 2018
Nature Communications

High-nuclearity silver clusters are appealing synthetic targets for their remarkable structures, but most are isolated serendipitously. We report here six giant silver-thiolate clusters mediated by solvents, which not only dictate the formation of an octahedral Ag64+ kernel, but also influence the in situ-generated Mo-based anion templates. The typical sevenfold symmetric silver nanowheels show a hierarchical cluster-in-cluster structure that comprises an outermost Ag56 shell and an inner Ag64+ kernel in the centre with seven MoO42− anion templates around it. Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry analyses reveal the underlying rule for the formation of such unique silver nanowheels. This work establishes a solvent–intervention approach to construct high-nuclearity silver clusters in which both the formation of octahedral Ag64+ kernel and in situ generation of various Mo-based anion templates can be simultaneously controlled.


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M. Kurmoo, Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg
Courriel : kurmoo@unistra.fr