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Chem. Comm. [BCB] / [POMAM]

Jun 14 2019


Copper(II) forms well-known and stable complexes with peptides having histidine at position 2 (Xxx-His) or 3 (Xxx-Zzz-His). Their properties differ considerably due to the histidine positioning. Here we report that in the hybrid motif Xxx-His-His, the Cu(II)-complexes can be switched between the Xxx-His and the Xxx-Zzz-His coordination modes by addition of external ligands.

Reference :

Paulina Gonzalez, Karolina Bossak-Ahmad, Bertrand Vileno, Nina E. Wezynfeld, Youssef El Khoury, Petra Hellwig, Christelle Hureau, Wojciech Bal, and Peter Faller

Triggering Cu-coordination change in Cu(II)-Ala-His-His by external ligands

Chem. Comm, accepted (2019) - DOI: 10.1039/C9CC03174J

Contact chercheur :

Peter Faller, équipe BCB, Institut de Chimie (UMR 7177).