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Jul 15 2019


Abstract : Nanostructures were built at the solid/liquid interface by self-assembly and/or coordination bonds. Metalloporphyrins bearing two external coordination sites and long alkyl chains allowed the self-assembly of the compounds on highly oriented pyrolitic graphite. After addition of a metal ion, long transition-metal linked porphyrin-nanoribbons were obtained and visualized by scanning...[more]

Jul 15 2019

Org. Biomol. Chem. [LSAMM]

Abstract: Despite the advantages of photodynamic therapy (PDT) over chemotherapy or radiotherapy such as low side effects, lack of treatment resistance and spatial selectivity inherent to light activation of the drug, several limitations especially related to the photosensitiser (PS) prevent PDT from becoming widespread in oncology. Herein, new folic acid- and biotin-conjugated PSs for...[more]

Jul 12 2019


Abstract : Gold(I) complexes containing monodentate PIII ligands built upon methylated α-cyclodextrins have been synthesized and assessed in the cycloisomerization of 1,6-enynes, two of the reactions studied involving prochiral substrates. Their performance was compared with that of previously reported mononuclear and dinuclear α- and β‐cyclodextrin-based AuI complexes. Enantiodiscrimination was...[more]

Jul 4 2019

Remise des Prix de thèse 2019

Le 21 juin dernier, les prix de thèse 2019 ont été décernés.  Voici quelques photos des trois lauréats de notre UMR….Félicitations à eux !     Cérémonie des prix de Thèse 2019 - photo officielle   Remise du Prix de la Fondation pour la recherche en chimie àFrédéric Beltran (Équipe SOPhy, UMR 7177)      Remise du Prix de la société des amis des universités de l'Académie de Strasbourg (SAUAS) à...[more]

Jun 21 2019

Avancements sur concours internes CNRS: M. Boucher et C. Ngov

Toutes nos félicitations à Mélanie Boucher (LCSOM) et Chheng Ngov (SOPhy, CBMB, LASYROC) qui passeront respectivement Assistante-Ingénieure et Ingénieure d'Etudes le 1er juillet 2019 sur concours internes CNRS. _ _ _ _ Congratulations to Mélanie Boucher and Chheng Ngov, who will respectively become Assistante-Ingénieur and Ingénieur d'Etudes on 1st July 2019, on internal CNRS competitions.[more]

Jun 19 2019

Soutenance HDR de Etienne Gindensperger [LCQ]

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que la soutenance HDR de Monsieur Etienne Gindensperger (Laboratoire de Chimie Quantique, LCQ) intitulée "theory of  photoinduced phenomena in molecular systems" se déroulera le lundi 24 juin 2019, à 15h00 dans l'amphi Alain Beretz, Nouveau Patio.  _ _ _ _ We are pleased to announce that the Etienne Gindensperger HDR defense (LCQ team) entitled "theory of ...[more]

Jun 14 2019

Chem. Comm. [BCB] / [POMAM]

Abstract: Copper(II) forms well-known and stable complexes with peptides having histidine at position 2 (Xxx-His) or 3 (Xxx-Zzz-His). Their properties differ considerably due to the histidine positioning. Here we report that in the hybrid motif Xxx-His-His, the Cu(II)-complexes can be switched between the Xxx-His and the Xxx-Zzz-His coordination modes by addition of external...[more]