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Oct 15 2020

RSC Advances [Biogéochimie moléculaire]

Abstract : The tribological performances of engine oils have been shown to be enhanced by the synergistic interactions between Mo dithiocarbamates (Mo(DTC)2) with other additives, and notably Zn dithiophosphates (Zn(DTP)2). Being two key components in formulated lubricants, a detailed understanding of the mechanisms involved between these two types of additives is needed to develop engine oils...[more]

Oct 8 2020

Cover : J. Porph. Phthalocyanines [CLAC]

Abstract : The synthesis of a series of novel tetra-(benzo-24-crown-8)-phthalocyanines (Mg(II), Ni(II) and Co(II)) as well as a modified procedure for the free-base ligand and its Zn(II) and Cu(II) complexes are reported. The tendency of these phthalocyanines to undergo supramolecular cofacial dimerization induced by interaction with a viologen (N,N" role="presentation"...[more]

Oct 8 2020

Adv. Funct. Mat. [CLAC]

Abstract : Physical properties of magnetic nanostructures and devices strongly depend on the morphological characteristics of their various components. This is especially true and becomes particularly complex in hybrid nanostructures, where soft organic molecules are at the vicinity of ferromagnetic metallic films. The supramolecular architecture of molecular films embedded between Fe and Co...[more]

Oct 8 2020


Abstract : A benzyl substituent was regioselectively introduced at the 7 position after a first substitution at the 2 position of 1,10‐phenanthroline, by using aryl‐lithio reagents generated with tert‐butyllithium in toluene. Among the complexes prepared (Pd(II), Cu(I)) with these new ligands, a chiral copper(I) complex exhibits spontaneous resolution in the solid state.   Reference : Jordan...[more]

Oct 8 2020

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. [LSAMM]

Abstract : A bis‐acridinium cyclophane incorporating switchable acridinium moieties linked by a 3,5‐dipyridylanisole spacer was studied as a multi‐responsive host for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon guests. Complexation of perylene was shown to be the most effective and was characterized in particular by a charge‐transfer band as signal output. Effective catch and release of the guest was...[more]

Oct 1 2020

Chemical communications [BCB]

Abstract : Employing peptide-based models of copper transporter 1 (CTR1), we show that the trimeric arrangement of its N-terminus tunes its reactivity with Cu, promoting Cu(II) reduction and stabilizing Cu(I). Hence, the employed multimeric models of CTR1 provide an important contribution to studies on early steps of Cu uptake by cells. Graphical Abstract :   Reference : How trimerization of...[more]

Sep 17 2020

ChemCatChem [LSAMM]

Abstract Synergistic action in a bimetallic nanosized catalyst: A bimetallic catalyst consisting of a flexible molecular cage with two Co(III) porphyrins is investigated to convert CO2 and epoxides into cyclic carbonates. The preorganisation of the two metal centres in the hollow framework favours their intramolecular cooperative action leading to superior catalytic performance than for a...[more]