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Conférence John OSBORN 2018

April 27, 2018

La conférence John OSBORN 2018 se déroulera le 27 Avril 2018 à 10h30 (ISIS).  A cette occasion, nous aurons le plaisir d'accueillir le Professeur Gerhard ERKER (Université de Muenster).


« Frustrated Lewis Pair Chemistry: Searching for New Reactions »

The attachment of very bulky substituents at the core atoms of Lewis acids and bases can effectively hinder their neutralizing Lewis pair formation. The resulting “frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs)” then offer the possibility to undergo cooperative reactions with added substrates. This has led to some interesting developments in main group element chemistry. Some FLP reactions show a remote similarity to metal coordination chemistry. FLP chemistry has led to the disclosure of a variety of new reactivities. Metal-free activation of dihydrogen is a prominent example. This and several other examples of FLP behavior will be presented and discussed in this lecture. This will involve some new reactions of carbon monoxide. FLP reduction chemistry of carbon monoxide will be discussed in some detail. New polyfunctional FLP examples will be presented, which have led to some rather unusual and unprecedented chemical behavior, including some specific cycloaddition reactions. Eventually, very simple borane catalyzed reactions maybe discussed as well.


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