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Jun 14 2019

Chem. Comm. [BCB] / [POMAM]

Abstract: Copper(II) forms well-known and stable complexes with peptides having histidine at position 2 (Xxx-His) or 3 (Xxx-Zzz-His). Their properties differ considerably due to the histidine positioning. Here we report that in the hybrid motif Xxx-His-His, the Cu(II)-complexes can be switched between the Xxx-His and the Xxx-Zzz-His coordination modes by addition of external...[more]

Jun 14 2019

Inorg. Chem. [BCB] / [POMAM]

Abstract : It was shown that His3 of human copper transporter 1 (hCtr1) prompts the ATCUN-like Cu(II) coordination for model peptides of the hCtr1 N-terminus. Its high Cu(II) affinity is a potential driving force for the transfer of Cu(II) from extracellular Cu(II) carriers to hCtr1. Having a sequence similar to that of hCtr1, hCtr2 has been proposed as another human copper transporter. However,...[more]

Jun 14 2019

techniques de l'ingénieur [POMAM]

Résumé : Les propriétés magnétiques des matériaux sont exploitées dans de nombreuses applications : des plus classiques, composants électromécaniques, enregistrement magnétique, aux plus élaborées et futuristes, comme la réfrigération magnétique ou l'électronique de spin. Cet article introduit a notion de Liquide Ionique (LI) avec son extension aux composés incorporant des ions magnétiques...[more]

Jun 14 2019

Inorg. Chem. [POMAM]

Abstract : Two trinuclear CuII pyrazolato complexes with a Cu3(μ3-E)-core (E = O2– or OH–) and terminal nitrite ligands in two coordination modes were characterized crystallographically, spectroscopically, and electrochemically. One-electron oxidation of the μ3-O species produces a delocalized, mixed-valent, formally CuII2CuIII-nitrite, but no nitrate. In contrast, under reducing...[more]

Jun 4 2019

Soutenance de thèse de Gaël MARTIN

Soutenance de thèse de doctorat de Gaël MARTIN Mardi 4 juin 2019 à 14h00, à huit clos dans la salle du Conseil (salle mauve) de la Faculté de Chimie. Titre : « Altération des constituants non-polymériques des lubrifiants lors du fonctionnement du moteur : Rôle de la nitroxydation » Directeurs de thèse: Dr Pierre ADAM et du Dr Philippe SCHAEFFER, Laboratoire de Biogéochimie Moléculaire de...[more]

May 29 2019

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry [SOPhy]

Abstract : An operationally simple synthesis of activated ynesulfonamides and enesulfonamides is described.  Ynesulfonamides can be obtained through reaction of sulfonylamides with activated bromoalkynes and Triton B in a short time at room temperature. Likewise, terminal alkynes react with sulfonylamides to provide enesulfonamides. Z/E enesulfonamides can be transformed exclusively into E...[more]

May 27 2019

Visit of Prof. M. Frasconi

From Monday June 3rd to Friday June 7th, the LSAMM research group will host Prof. M. Frasconi from the University of Padova. During his stay, he will give two seminars: "Electrochemically-driven processes in molecules and supramolecular systems" Wednesday June 5th, 2019 4:30 pm Amphi Müller Faculté de Chimie & "Radical-Radical Templation in Mechanically Interlocked Molecules" Friday...[more]