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ISTPC 2020

Du 14 juin 2020 au 27 juin 2020
Aussois (Savoie, France)

The quantum chemistry group (LCQ, Institut, de Chimie de Strasbourg, UMR 7177) is glad to announce that the third edition of the International summer School in electronic structure Theory "electron correlation in Physics and Chemistry" (ISTPC) will take place in Aussois (Savoie, France) from the 14th to the 27th of June 2020.

This two-week summer school is open to Master/PhD students, post-docs and researchers using or developing methods for electronic structure calculations. One of the motivation for organizing such a school is to stimulate discussions between chemists and physicists on the problem of electron correlation.


Overview of the Scientific Program:

The following topics will be covered:

Second quantization, density functional theory (DFT), time-dependent DFT (TD-DFT), Hartree-Fock (HF) and post-HF methods, multi-configurational methods, multi-reference perturbation theory, model Hamiltonians, linear response theory, basics in solid-state physics, Green functions, Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC), density matrix renormalization group (DMRG), Random Phase Approximation (RPA), GW method, Bethe-Salpeter equation, Dynamical Mean Field Theory (DMFT), Mathematical aspects of electronic structure theory.

Three one-hour-and-half lectures will be given every day (two in the morning and one in the afternoon). Tutorials will also be proposed every afternoon so that the participants can derive the key equations presented during the lectures. A poster session will be organized so that each participant can present her/his own research work.


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Emmanuel Fromager, Vincent Robert (LCQ, https://quantique.u-strasbg.fr, Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg, UMR 7177)