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Conférence Alexandre Martinez (ED222)

Le 26 janvier 2018
À 10h30
Amphi 2, Institut Le Bel

Dans le cadre des conférences de l'Ecole Doctorale des Sciences Chimiques, vous êtes cordialement invités  vendredi 26 janvier à 10h30 (Amphi 2 , Institut Le Bel) à la conférence du Professeur Alexandre Martinez (Ecole Centrale de Marseille, Aix Marseille Université) intitulée :


Catalysis in Confined spaces : Endohedral Functionalization of Hemicryptophane Molecular Cages


Hemicryptophanes are molecular cages that combine a CTV unit with another C3 symmetrical unit. They have recently received a growing interest and were found to act as efficient receptors, or chiral molecular switches, but their most remarkable feature is the possibility to achieve the endohedral functionalization of their molecular cavity. The resulting confined catalysts have been tested for instance in C-H oxidation or CO2 conversion. The encapsulation of the catalytic species was found to improve the stability, rate or selectivity of the reaction making this class of supramolecular catalyst specially promising.