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Publications récentes

avril 17 2013

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

Special on Polyoxometallates   The front cover of the Special Issue of the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Special on Polyoxometalates shows (top left) a snapshot of a simulated box of water containing [AlW12O40]5- POM anions and their H3O+ counterions, forming local aggregates (zoomed). Indeed, the free energy profile ΔG(d) calculated as a function of the POM···POM distance in water...[En savoir plus]

janv. 31 2013

Coordination Chemistry Reviews

February 2013 Metallated cavitands (calixarenes, resorcinarenes, cyclodextrins) with internal coordination sites. This article provides a comprehensive overview of transition metal complexes capable of directing the binding of exogeneous ligands inside a molecular cavity. Special emphasis is placed on the role of the cavity in supramolecular catalysis and metal-assisted molecular...[En savoir plus]

janv. 21 2013

Nature Matérials

The cover of the December 2012 issue of Nature Materials shows supported lipid bilayers in which ‘Domains stack up’. The issue reports that in addition to intralayer smectic arrangement, supported stacks of multicomponent lipid bilayers with phase-separated domains can also display interlayer order, where domain alignment propagates across hundreds of bilayer. The team Membrane Biophyiscs and NMR...[En savoir plus]

janv. 21 2013

Chemistry : A European Journal

L'engouement rencontré au niveau international pour la chimie des ligands carbéniques N-hétérocycliques provient de leur capacité à moduler et contrôler la chimie des centres métalliques auxquels ils sont liés. Au delà des aspects fondamentaux, les applications de ces complexes touchent de nombreux secteurs, en particulier de la catalyse homogène et de la synthèse organique. L'apport d'une...[En savoir plus]