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Publications récentes

mars 26 2014

Percée décisive dans le domaine de l’hydroformylation asymétrique

Metal confinement can make the difference, as shown by M. Jouffroy et al. in a recent Communication in Angew. Chem. . The use of cyclodextrin derivatives with an introverted PIII donor atom in the rhodium-catalyzed hydroformylation of styrene leads to high iso- and enantioselectivity. This is due to the selective formation of monophosphane complexes in which the cyclodextrin cavity tightly wraps...[En savoir plus]

mars 13 2014

Election à l'European Academy of Sciences

Andreas DANOPOULOS (danopoulos@unistra.fr) a été élu à l'European Academy of Sciences. Chercheur associé au CNRS et préalablement lauréat d'une chaire Gutenberg, Andreas Danopoulos est fellow de l'USIAS.  [En savoir plus]

déc. 4 2013

Distinction DIVCAT 2013 - Benoit LOUIS

Distinction 2013 La division catalyse de la Société chimique de France vient d’attribuer son prix DIVCAT 2013 à Benoît LOUIS, 38 ans, chargé de recherche CNRS, qui effectue ses travaux au laboratoire Synthèse et réactivité organiques et catalyse de l’Institut de chimie de Strasbourg. Le bureau de la DIVCAT a été particulièrement sensible à la qualité de ses travaux et plus particulièrement à...[En savoir plus]

mai 22 2013

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

CONFINING N-HETEROCYCLIC CARBENES N-heterocyclic carbene bearing two non-rotating alkylfluorenyl substituents are sterically not very crowded, but they can nevertheless be used to prepare remarkably fast Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling catalysts. Their efficiency relies on their ability to behave like a clamp that can permanently protect two trans-located coordination sites. See : M. Teci, E....[En savoir plus]

avril 17 2013

European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry

Special on Polyoxometallates   The front cover of the Special Issue of the European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry Special on Polyoxometalates shows (top left) a snapshot of a simulated box of water containing [AlW12O40]5- POM anions and their H3O+ counterions, forming local aggregates (zoomed). Indeed, the free energy profile ΔG(d) calculated as a function of the POM···POM distance in water...[En savoir plus]

avril 4 2013

Cours du Professeur Ming-Hua XU

Le Professeur Ming-Hua XU (Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica) Professeur invité UdS, donnera une série de trois cours :   Lundi 08/04, 10h-12h (amphi CDE) Asymmetric Synthesis with Chiral Auxiliary Method-- A case Study of Using tert-butanesulfinamide   Mercredi 10/04, 10h-12h (amphi CDE) Historay and Perspective of Chiral Chelating Olefin Ligands in Asymmetric Catalysis   Lundi...[En savoir plus]

mars 21 2013

Antibacterial peptide is dissected, tilted channel detected

Antibacterial peptide is dissected, tilted channel detected Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are nearly ubiquitous tools of host defense that kill bacteria by disrupting the cell membrane.  Their broad spectrum of activity, coupled with the low risk of inciting resistance, make AMPs attractive candidates for rational drug design, but mammalian AMPs are insufficiently understood on a molecular...[En savoir plus]