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Actualités de l'institut

avril 8 2019

Un prix de thèse 2019 pour B. Senjean [LCQ]

L’Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg a le grand plaisir de vous informer que la Commission de la recherche de l’Université de Strasbourg vient d’attribuer à Monsieur Bruno SENJEAN (équipe LCQ, Directeur de thèse E. Fromager) un prix de thèse 2019. La cérémonie de remise des prix se tiendra le 21 juin 2019 au Palais Universitaire de Strasbourg en présence du Prof. M. Deneken.  _ _ _ _ _ _ The...[En savoir plus]

mars 15 2019

New book chapter [OMECA]

Non-noble metal catalysis: Molecular approaches and Reactions, Wiley-VCH, edited by Robertus Klein Gebbink and Marc-Etienne Moret, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. The study and development of new homogeneous catalysts based on first-row metals (Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu) has grown significantly due to the economic and environmental advantages that non-noble metals present. Base metals offer...[En savoir plus]

mars 12 2019

Chemical Reviews [LCC]

Abstract : The emergence of N-heterocyclic carbenes as ligands across the Periodic Table had an impact on various aspects of the coordination, organometallic, and catalytic chemistry of the 3d metals, including Cu, Ni, and Co, both from the fundamental viewpoint but also in applications, including catalysis, photophysics, bioorganometallic chemistry, materials, etc. In this review, the...[En savoir plus]

mars 6 2019

Chemical Science [CLAC]

Abstract : We present the synthesis of novel rotaxanes based on mechanically interlocked porphyrins and fullerene and their advanced investigations by means of photophysical measurements. To this end, a fullerene-capped dumbbell-type axle containing a central triazole was threaded through strapped (metallo)porphyrins—either a free-base or a zinc porphyrin. Femtosecond-resolved transient...[En savoir plus]

mars 6 2019

The Journal of Chemical Physics [LCQ]

Abstract : Gross–Oliveira–Kohn density-functional theory (GOK-DFT) for ensembles is the DFT analog of state-averaged wavefunction-based (SA-WF) methods. In GOK-DFT, the SA (so-called ensemble) exchange-correlation (xc) energy is described by a single functional of the density which, for a fixed density, depends on the weights assigned to each state in the ensemble. We show that if a...[En savoir plus]

mars 5 2019

New Book Chapter [LCSOM]

        From the Book:    Noncovalent Interactions in Catalysis    All Chapters   CHAPTER 27 Noncovalent Interactions in Key Metal-centred Catalytic Intermediates: Structure–Electronic Relationship Mustapha Hamdaoui and Jean-Pierre Djukic This chapter covers the most recent advances in investigations of the most critical intermediates in transition metal-promoted processes with a...[En savoir plus]

mars 1 2019

Organic Letters [SOPhy]

Abstract : Two unprecedented domino reactions are described, starting from ketospiro-enesulfonamides. By treatment with ZrCl4 and allylsilane, an intramolecular electrophilic aromatic substitution and subsequent allylation is observed. By treatment with TiCl4 and allylsilane, a double enamine-type reaction takes place, thus creating simultaneously four contiguous stereogenic centers...[En savoir plus]