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Actualités de l'institut

juil. 2 2018

Photos Symposium "N-Ligands"

      Voici quelques photos du Symposium "Supramolecular Chemistry of Nitrogen Containing Ligands" datant du 29 Juin dernier....[En savoir plus]

juin 29 2018

Biomolecules [Biophysique des membranes et RMN]

Abstract: Biophysical and structural investigations are presented with a focus on the membrane lipid interactions of cationic linear antibiotic peptides such as magainin, PGLa, LL37, and melittin. Observations made with these peptides are distinct as seen from data obtained with the hydrophobic peptide alamethicin. The cationic amphipathic peptides predominantly adopt membrane alignments...[En savoir plus]

juin 27 2018

Création d'une nouvelle équipe: SOPhy

L’UMR 7177 a le plaisir de vous informer de la création d’une nouvelle équipe:  SOPhy (pour Synthèse Organique & Photochimie) dirigée par Laurence Miesch.                                                         SOPhy (anciennement LCOS) possède désormais sa page web sur notre site internet.  Pour plus de détails nous vous invitons à la consulter : SOPhy   _ _ _ _ _   The UMR 7177 is pleased...[En savoir plus]

juin 18 2018

J Phys Chem B [IFM]


Abstract: Host-guest systems provide excellent models to explore molecular recognition in solution along with relevant technological applications from drug carriers to chemosensors. Here, we present a linear interaction energy (LIE) model to predict the binding affinity in host-guests with remarkable efficiency and predictive power. Using four host families including cucurbiturils, octa acids,...[En savoir plus]

juin 4 2018

B. Senjean: Laureat 2017 du prix Longuet-Higgins

L'institut de chimie de Strasbourg a le plaisir de féliciter Bruno SENJEAN (étudiant en thèse au laboratoire de Chimie Quantique, UMR 7177), lauréat 2017 du prix Longuet-Higgins "jeune chercheur" décerné chaque année par le journal Molecular Physics. _ _ _ _ Congratulations to Bruno SENJEAN (PhD student, Quantum chemistry group, UMR 7177), the winner of the Molecular Physics Longuet-Higgins...[En savoir plus]

juin 4 2018



Significance Myosins are motor proteins involved in the transport of cellular cargoes and muscle contraction. Upon interaction with actin, the motor domain undergoes a conformational transition, called powerstroke, in which the lever arm is swung to generate force and directional motion. The recovery stroke reprimes the motor by coupling the reverse swing of the lever arm to ATP hydrolysis....[En savoir plus]

mai 30 2018

Nature Communications

Nature Communications

High-nuclearity silver clusters are appealing synthetic targets for their remarkable structures, but most are isolated serendipitously. We report here six giant silver-thiolate clusters mediated by solvents, which not only dictate the formation of an octahedral Ag64+ kernel, but also influence the in situ-generated Mo-based anion templates. The typical sevenfold symmetric silver nanowheels show a...[En savoir plus]