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Actualités de l'institut

sept. 17 2020

ChemCatChem [LSAMM]

Abstract Synergistic action in a bimetallic nanosized catalyst: A bimetallic catalyst consisting of a flexible molecular cage with two Co(III) porphyrins is investigated to convert CO2 and epoxides into cyclic carbonates. The preorganisation of the two metal centres in the hollow framework favours their intramolecular cooperative action leading to superior catalytic performance than for a...[En savoir plus]

sept. 14 2020

Cover of Chemistry Eur. J. [POMAM / LCQ]

Regarding the article « Origin of ferromagnetism and magnetic anisotropy in a family of copper(II) triangles » recently published in Chemistry Eur. J., the Institute of Chemistry is pleased to inform you that the POMAM group's artwork has also been selected to feature on the cover of the last issue of the jounal - DOI : https://doi.org/10.1002/chem.202002286   [En savoir plus]

sept. 1 2020

Org. Lett. [SOPhy]

Abstract : N-Acyliminium ions generated from enamidyl vinyl ketones provided cyclopentenoid-fused diazepines diastereoselectively using BF3·Et2O in one pot through a domino N-acyliminium ion trapping/Nazarov reaction, simultaneously generating three new stereogenic centers. The particular structural design of the cross-conjugated dienone dictates the torquoselectivity observed in this polarized...[En savoir plus]

juil. 17 2020

Nouvelle MC dans notre UMR

L’institut de chimie de Strasbourg (UMR7177) a le plaisir de vous informer de l’arrivée d’une nouvelle maître de conférences : Aurélie GUENET.  Depuis février 2020, Aurélie Guenet a rejoint l’équipe OMECA dirigée par le Pr. M. Desage-El Murr au sein de laquelle elle se tournera vers l’utilisation de métaux 3d et l’introduction de chiralité dans les complexes associés en allant vers des édifices...[En savoir plus]

juil. 16 2020

Eur. Phys. J. Appl. Phys. [POMAM]

Abstract : Here I present the theory of a new hybrid paramagnetic-ferrimagnetic SiC-YiG quantum sensor. It is designed to allow sub-nanoscale single external spin sensitivity optically detected pulsed electron electron double resonance spectroscopy, using an X band pulsed EPR spectrometer and an optical fiber. The sensor contains one single V2 negatively charged silicon vacancy color center in...[En savoir plus]

juil. 16 2020

Eur. Phys. J. Appl. Phys. [POMAM]

Abstract : First experiments like optically detected (OD) electron paramagnetic resonance (ODMR), photoluminescence detected RABI oscillations, and optical pumping (OP) assisted pulsed EPR measurements of T2 and T1 of V2 spins in bulk SiC, which were previously demonstrated on various home build EPR spectrometers with free space optics, are here all demonstrated for the first time using a...[En savoir plus]

juil. 9 2020

Organometallics [LCSOM]

Abstract : The base-assisted cyclometalation of 2-phenylpyridine (2-phpyH) by Cp*Co(III) was holistically addressed both theoretically and experimentally. Combined DFT and DLPNO-CCSD(T) methods assisted by QTAIM-based noncovalent interactions plots (NCI plots), interacting quantum atoms (IQA), and local energy decomposition (LED) analyses have been used for a comparative study of the...[En savoir plus]