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Angewandte Chemie

mai 28 2018
Angewandte chemie

In search of magneto-optic materials the mononuclear compounds LnIII(depma)(NO3)3(hmpa)2 (Ln = Dy, Gd) were synthesized. The anthracene moieties undergo [4+4] dimerization when irradiated at 365 nm without loss of crystallinity. The Dy compound switches from a single-ion to a single-molecule magnet with doubling of the spin reversal barrier energy and from yellow-green to blue-white emission.
The dimerization is reversed by heating at 100 °C or partially on light irradiating at 254 nm. The results suggest that lanthanide phosphonates with anthracene are promising smart materials displaying synergistic magneto-optic property.


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M. Kurmoo, Institut de Chimie de Strasbourg
Courriel : kurmoo@unistra.fr